Our Values

Our Values 

Team Spirit

ASG is a team spirit that promotes integrity, accountability, independence, impartiality and professional commitment for better collective performance;


Everywhere and under any circumstances, ASG is committed to meeting the standards strictest ethics and integrity. We refuse any ethical or professional shortcuts, and our interactions with all companies


ASG is an ethical company that attaches particular importance to the fight against fraud and corruption and that any person or company in connection with ASG adheres to the same principles and scrupulously respects the regulations in force.

No To Child Labour

CHILD LABOUR IS NOT PART OF OUR VALUES. However, we allow light work for children from the age of 14 during school holidays instead of holiday placements;

Rules of Eco-citizen

Simple actions that go through basic rules of eco-citizen: respect for the environment requires daily attention that has its impact on our planet.
We’re not environmentalists, we’re just responsible


ASG is proactivity (diligent and guided response, fair and appropriate) in the face of requests from our partners.

ASG is constantly listening to its partners to whom it provides advice on their requests.