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Cargo Survey

These include all the surveys carried out on goods from different transport ways (sea, river, air, or land).

Some Missions in Cargo Survey:

Goods in Bag

Monitoring unloading, removal, repackaging in case of damage to goods transported in bags, big bags (rice, sugar, corn, fertilizer, flour, rice, salt…);

Stores management, analysis of samples by specialized laboratories.


  • Physical inspection on all types of dry, refrigerated or tank containers;
  • Monitoring the stuffing of different types of goods [big bags, bags, pallets), chemicals and dangerous goods, miscellaneous goods, steel products (profiled, plates), bulk goods, building materials,]: container inspection (conditioning, compliance, mass-volume compensation, weight balancing and a good centre of gravity position.);
  • Monitoring the unstuffing operations of different types of goods [big bags, pallets), chemicals and dangerous goods, various goods, steel products (profiles, plates), bulk goods, building materials,…): container inspection (packaging, compliance.)

Pipes/Scrap Metals

Monitoring for unloading operations, trucking, unloading, storage and removal


  • Monitoring at landing /park entry/park exit/delivery to the customer ;
  • Automotive survey.


  • Monitoring the unloading of goods (cereals, aggregates, etc.);
  • Monitoring bagging if possible and checking bag weighing samples, monitoring the weighing of bulk at the weighbridge;
  • Monitoring truck loading, in-stores unloading and customer delivery.

Miscellaneous Parcels

  • Monitoring the unloading, loading on trucks, unloading at the yard or open air storage area, storage and removal these parcels (boxes, drums, big bags, pallets, casing, miscellaneous equipments off-size,…);
  • Findings prior/after sinister.

Woods(Logs, cuts and Plywoods)

  • Preloading (inspection vessel prior loading) ;
  • Cubage calculation ;
  • Monitoring loading inside vessel.